Released: April 2, 2013
Formats: Paperback, eBook

Book Review

“Blending sensual fantasy and the supernatural, this vampire saga takes a welcome turn.” - Kirkus

“A very successful sequel. I will continue to read the adventures of Aris and Sarah with pleasure.” – New Books on My Shelves Blogspot

ARIS RISING: The Court of the Vampires

ArisRising_Scene_2-1Can true love survive despite the passage of centuries of time? Psychologist Sarah Hagan may have to pay the ultimate price to obtain the answer.

Sarah’s once safe, quiet life working as a hypnotherapist in Chicago has been completely up-ended by Aris, a vampire whose story first began during the time of Alexander the Great. Aris has taken over the human body of one of Sarah’s patients so that he can be once again be close to the only woman to have ever captured his heart. Before Sarah can be sure of her love for Aris, she must overcome obstacles not only in her own modern-day world, but also in Aris’ underground world of the Catacombs, as well as in the mountains of Spain where a vampire war threatens to erupt.

Did Sarah and Aris’ love first ignite during the reign of Henry the VIII when Sarah was the handmaiden at court, Elizabeth Wyatt? Who is the stunningly handsome DeMarco who courts Sarah and will he entice her away from Aris? Can Sarah possibly be welcome in Aris’ Catacombs? Will Sarah willingly give up her human life so that she can be with Aris–her one and only true love–for all eternity? Only time will tell.