Yoga Under the Stars

The response for the first session of Yoga Under the Stars is wonderful! Thank you all so much for your love of yoga and your continued support. There was such an overwhelming registration for the event that I have had to create a cancellation list. I will be checking with each one of you who has reserved a space to make sure you will still be able to attend. Please notify me if you know you will not be there. I have quite a list of people who would like to find a space for their mat.

So many of you who found registration closed have asked for another Yoga Under the Stars, so….. I will be doing another event in October. Those of you who have registered for this Tuesday (also those on the cancellation list) will be notified of the date, etc. by email before the event is announced so you will have an opportunity to register early. I’m so excited to be spending the evening with all the wonderful people who will be in attendance. Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you Tuesday evening at 7:00PM at Good Life Academy in Tarzana.