The Healing Power of Gem Stones

Gem stones have been used for healing for thousands of years. I have been asked so many questions about gem stone healing since I began wearing the Obsidian Flake bracelet Paulette brought from Brazil. I have been plagued by arthritis in my low back and hips for well over a year. There is no concrete or physical explanation, however, since the moment I placed the bracelet on my arm, the pain has disappeared. I alternate between my arm and my ankle and I can’t tell you what a different body I have. Obsidian Flake is said to strengthen the skin, hair, bones and joints. No promises made, however, I think it’s well worth a try if you have ailments to conquer.

Paulette has graciously shared her list with me of the healing properties of various gems and so, I am sharing it with you.

Rose Quartz… Indications: Love and relationships. It is known as the love stone. It stimulates our capacity to love, helping in emotional relationships. Great for those who are afraid to show their emotions. Is excellent to promote healthy heart tissue.

Green Quartz… Indications: Health and connection with nature. Strengthens overall health. Aids in cancer treatment, blood pressure issues, insomnia and fatigue. Represents nature, health and balance.

Rhodochrosite… Indications: Helps to promote loving ways and harmonize relationships. It brings harmony in love relationships and opens the way for new passions. Teaches the wearer to experience a love for life and to share that love with others. This stone promotes self love and self esteem.

Selenita…Indications: Love, pregnancy, protection and reconciliation.

Black Tourmaline… Indications: Repels negative energy, neutralizes anger, envy, resentment and insecurity. It’s a great protective talisman, freeing its wearer from all evils.

Green Tourmaline… Indications: Promotes relaxation and stress reduction. Great for the renewal of cells. Assists in the healing of hear disease.

Amazonite… Indications: Soothing, promotes stress reduction. It has great healing power. It connects to the central nervous system and therefore has a calming effect, helping to reduce anxiety.

These are just a few of the gem stones on the list. I will be adding to it as time progresses so you will have a more complete knowledge the healing property of stones. If you are interested in ordering bracelets, check out Cosmic Lotus Gems on Facebook.

Writing to you is going to be soooo much fun. I’m so excited to be able to communicate to so many of my friends and students, to share the years of knowledge and experience I’ve collected. Hope to see you soon…