The other day, someone asked me how it feels now that the last book of the Aris trilogy is on the market, now that I have put my characters to bed.

The truth is, it’s a bittersweet moment. After living so closely to Aris and friends for
three and a half years, “seeing” them every day, thinking of them at all hours of the day and night, the thought of ending their adventures is a very sobering one.

On one hand, it’s exciting and amazing to have completed such a lengthy project, to see my writing develop along with my characters. They were my teachers, my inspiration. I’ve heard many times that a writer can become to embroiled in their characters, they become one with them. And so it has been with me.

Here’s the bottom line… Aris is Immortal. He doesn’t NEED to go to bed. He has ages and adventures left to explore. I plan to take a brief hiatus from writing to get my life and house back in order after sitting for three years in front of the computer and then… another adventure with Aris and the gang. The Catacombs and the characters that live there are a whole new fantasy to share with my readers. So the first of the year, I’m back in the saddle again. Aris and friends will take us all on a new trip into the world of the Immortals.