About Devin

Devin Morgan, CHT - Director, Rishi Institute

After spending most of her childhood in and out of hospitals, Devin turned her health around by studying nutrition and altering her diet. In search of a higher level of fitness in mid-life, she found yoga, and subsequently became a yoga instructor in 1992, at the age of 45. Through yoga classes, teacher’s training workshops and wellness seminars, she has encouraged and touched the hearts of thousands of people in America, England, Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

Devin’s observations of many, many different body types and individual needs, led her to create a method of teaching that was specific, safe and easy to understand, regardless of the level of the student. She calls this system, The Rishi Method of Yoga Instruction. The yoga method is gentle and flowing, yet powerful – and because it is adaptable to anyone, her classes continue to overflow.

Ever the health conscious cook, Devin often delights her friends and students with homemade soups and vegetarian meals. The Little Book of Soups highlights some of her best-loved recipes. It is the first in a series of wellness books. Soon to follow are, The Little Book of Yoga, The Little Book of Vitamins and The Little Book of Easy Vegetarian Meals.

As a practicing clinical hypnotherapist since 1994, Devin further aids clients to promote wellness, weight loss and lifestyle change. She works in an intuitive, compassionate manner that enables effective shifts in both mind and body.

Devin is a living example of health and vitality and believes good nutrition and adequate exercise can create a healthy, dynamic lifestyle for anyone.