A Little Bit About a Lot of Things


Welcome. Come on in and get comfortable.

A few years ago I distributed a monthly newsletter via email to all those who were on my email list. The reception was wonderful. People began forwarding the emails to friends on their own email lists. Eventually it actually became overwhelming. Now, I’m so glad to be able to offer the same format in blog form. Everyone will be able to access the newsletters directly from DevinMorgan.net.

Each month I’ll be sharing information on mental and physical health, tidbits and little known facts, even unique cleaning tips that I happen across. You might find a favorite recipe of mine or a short excerpt from a novel or story. A little bit about a lot of things, always new and always interesting.

So tune in the first of each month beginning in July, 2014 for “A Little Bit About a Lot of Things”. Until then be happy, healthy and safe.